Artist's Statement...

I was looking through a box of papers from my past, when I discovered a construction paper picture
made with cut pieces of different colors and outlined with a black crayon. On the bottom it said
“stained glass window”. It looked like some 5 year old had tried to portray his vision of glass art. As I
studied the crude art piece, I located a signature on the back..."Frank 1965"

I now realize that glass has been in my subconscious for almost 50 years, and it has manifested
itself in stained glass, leaded glass, faceted glass, beveled glass and now fused glass wall art. The
wall art I create is mixed media in the form of fused glass mounted over polished metal. I came up
with the idea several years ago at an art show when selling stained glass panels to be hung in a
window. A customer told me they have blinds on their windows so they would not see it anyway, they
had more wall space than window space. This got my creative curiosity moving in an entirely new

My first experiment was mounting glass over a mirror, but it looked cheap and I saw myself and what
was behind me in its reflection, not very appealing. I had been working with metal and
blacksmithing, so I came up with aluminum. This metal reflects and can be manipulated to enhance
the design. If the glass were mounted away from the metal it would have “
Movement and Energy
thus was born Fused Glass Wall Art.

My designs are abstract in nature and work well in a room filled with natural light, this changes
throughout the day so the piece changes with it. A spot light can enhance the design by night thus
adding even more color changes through the use of
Dichroic glass.
My inspiration comes from the natural world that surrounds me here in Southwest Louisiana with a
tropical and Caribbean style, mixed with some whimsical fun.
Creating glass art designs that have never been conceived by any other fills me with a sense of
accomplishment and integrity, and has proven to be the most accurate method for translation of
inner vision to outer reality.
                                                                              Frank Thompson


Frank Thompson is a full time glass artist with a working studio located
north of Lake Charles, LA. It is there where he works in 2D and 3D
mixed media using glass and metal.  He currently shows and sells his
work at juried art shows throughout southeastern United States as well
as his studio gallery just north of Lake Charles, Louisiana. He has been
featured in several newspapers, magazines, radio, and television
programs for his art.

Frank is a self taught artist that has been working in glass since 1982.
His development of fused glass wall art is abstract in style and is
influenced by the vibrant colors and positive energy of nature with a
whimsical Caribbean theme. His technique begins with arranging
colored glass mixed with dichroic then fired in a kiln. He then mounts
the fused glass piece 2 inches above metal that has been polished to
match the glass design. The result is a striking wall art piece that
reflects light and has “movement” and “energy when viewed at different
angles and intensities if light.
From 1995 - 2005 he taught his techniques of stained glass at the
Continuing Education Program at McNeese State University in both
Beginners and Intermediate stained glass.
His first significant stained glass project was creating the 14 Stations of
the Cross at St. Mary of the Lake Parish in Big Lake in 1993. Since
then his work is found in over 35 churches, hospitals, restaurants and
both public and private collections.
A graduate of St. Louis High School, Lake Charles in 1978, he began
working as a carpenter and soon became a home building contractor.
He began to work on historic restoration projects and started making
custom art glass doors and windows.  Many of his doors are installed in
other states giving him national notoriety.

As an Independent artist who travels and participates in art shows, I would be
remiss if I did not acknowledge the one person in my life who has always
been there for me.
For 35 years now my wife Eva has been behind the scenes doing work that
not many see. She is my business manager who does anything and
everything to make this venture such a success.  Accounting, planning and
organizing my time, making sure I eat properly and take my health
supplements, booking hotel rooms, laundry, Novena's to St. Joseph, and
making sure I do not forget anything...the list goes on and on.
Yes  folks, behind every good man there is a woman rolling her eyes!
Thank You Sweetheart!
Our Fused Glass Art Gallery and Studio...
Located at 5635-D Welcome Rd. Lake Charles, LA 70611


"First Place- Fine Arts" National Shrimp Festival, Gulf Shores, AL 10/13/2016
"Best of Show" 47th Annual Rockport Festival of Art, Rockport, TX 7/2/2016
"3rd Place Overall" Union St. Festival, San Francisco, CA 6/4/2016
"Best Booth Display" King William Fair, San Antonio, TX 4/23/2016
"2nd Place, Sculpture" Eastern Shore Arts Festival, Fairhope, AL 3/17/2016
"3rd Place Mixed Media and Mayors Choice Award" Orange Beach Festival of Art
Orange Beach, Al 3/12/2016
"3rd Place Mixed Media" St. Stephens Art Show, Coconut Grove, FL 2/14/2016
"Best of Show" 2015 Red River Revel, Shreveport, LA 10/3/2015
"Best of Show" New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
"Best of Show" Festival of the Arts, Corpus Christi, TX 3/29/2015
“Award of Excellence” Art in the Park, Pensacola FL 5/17/2014
“Best Booth Award” Buckhead Arts Festival, Atlanta, GA 5/10/2014
“Honorable Mention 2D Mixed Media” Art City Austin, Austin, TX 4/12/2014
“2nd Place Mixed Media” Eastern Shore Arts Festival, Fairhope AL 3/14/2014
“Judges Award” Orange Beach Arts Festival, Orange Beach Al 3/8/2014
“Jurors Award” Red River Revel, Shreveport LA 10/11/2013
“3rd Place Best of Show”  Festival International, Lafayette, LA 4/28/2013
“Achievment Award” Fest for All, Baton Rouge LA 4/6/2013
“Memorial Award”  Natchitoches Art Guild 2011 Juried Art Show
Just added...
Frank Thompson Studio Tour (rap)

Is now uploaded to my YouTube Channel!

Hurricane Laura made landfall at 1 AM August 26, 2020.  Hurricane Laura was a deadly and damaging Category 4 Atlantic hurricane
that tied the 1856 Last Island hurricane as the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the U.S. State of Louisiana, as
measured by maximum sustained winds.
Hurricane Delta made landfall on October 12, 2020 just 12 miles east of Laura and was the record-tying fourth named storm of 2020
to strike Louisiana, as well as the record-breaking tenth named storm to strike the United States.

Our Glass Art studio was severely damaged with 3 larges Pine trees on or through the shop, 2 on our house, 2 on the Cabana, one
on my enclosed trailer and one hit the Van.  This will be hard to overcome with no insurance because we never could afford it being
in a flood plain.  Fortunately, the Gallery was spared, so we do have art to sell!  I have uploaded all the art pieces we currently have
in stock on one page.
Current Inventory Page

At the present time, we are still trying to repair the damages but are open for visitors to come purchase art.  So those of you who
have bought from us in the past or if you have been interested in our Fused Glass Art, now would be the time to help us out by
purchasing a piece or consider making a donation for help to help us recover if you are able.

Thank You and God Bless You,
Frank & Eva Thompson and family