I decided to make a piece that represents sunlight.
I usually make them with fine cut clear and dichroic strips
fused together in a semi-random pattern.
The aluminum backing is polished in a radiating pattern.  
This creates an aura of radiating energy.

The piece adapts to its environment meaning that it will
reflect room colors as well as accent colors.  
Fun fact: Sometimes I use glow powder encased in the
glass in them so when you turn off the lights at night, they
glow for 3-4 hours.
Turn down the lights, turn up some Hendrix or Floyd with a
favorite beverage. Nice.

Sizes & Prices:
12" X 12" $450
16" X 16"  $750
24" X 24" $1695
26" X 26" $1995

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Thompson or Frank Thompson Studio.

Previous Versions of "Sunlight"
#1751  "Sunlight"
16" X 16"
Below is an example  of a 12"
Sunlight centered between 2
In Stock

The measurements on the diamond pieces are on the sides,
which is different than point to point.  
The diamond installation looks bigger
and can create variety in your decor.

Side         Point to point
12" X 12"        17"
16" X 16"        22.5"
24" X 24"        34"
26" X 26"        36.5"

The "Sunlight" and "Sunburst" pieces can hang either way.
The "Aqua Fantasy" normally hangs as a diamond unless I
make it a square.