"Sunlight" and "Starlight"

Before the earth began, the sun existed, and without it,
the earth would cease to exist.
(Is that a profound statement or what?)
A bright sunny day is always preferable to a dark rainy one.

So I decided to make a piece that represents sunlight.
I usually make them with hundreds of clear and dichroic
fused together in a semi-random pattern.
The aluminum backing is polished in a radiating pattern.  
This creates an aura of radiating energy.

The piece adapts to its environment meaning that it will
reflect room colors as well as accent colors.  Even in a dark
room it still has a glow about it. Of course the more light the
more brilliant the colors become.

Sizes: 12"X12" 16"X16"  24"X24" 36"X36"
(click on images below for larger view)

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