"Aqua Fantasy"

Water is healing and is necessary for life.  This sculpture speaks that
message through aqua blue colors that have movement.  
The dichoric glass intertwined throughout the blue glass adds the sparkle that
we observe in water as it splashes.  
The energy of this piece manifests healing and cleansing as well as peace
and tranquility.
As you can see from the photographs, the colors will change color when the
light changes.

In no way can these photos portray the movement of this piece.
It will enhance almost any room.  
Most stained glass requires a light source behind it to reveal the colors.  
This one as well as all my glass artwork, is made to have light shining
on it
so that the reflections can truly bring out the hues,
shadows and silhouettes that lie hidden within its message.

Sizes & Prices:
12" X 12" $375
16" X 16"  $6
24" X 24" $1495
26" X 26" $1695

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Frank Thompson Studio.   All rights reserved.  No part of this art work and/or description may be
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Previous versions of "Aqua Fantasy"...
"Aqua Fantasy"
26" X 26"
In Stock
More Aqua Fantasy's Currently In Stock, May 2019
Installing Diagonally vs. Square...

The measurements on the diamond pieces are on the sides,
which is different than point to point.  
The diamond installation looks bigger
and can create variety in your decor.

Side         Point to point
12" X 12"        17"
16" X 16"        22.5"
24" X 24"        34"
26" X 26"        36.5"

The "Sunlight" and "Sunburst" pieces can hang either way.
The "Aqua Fantasy" normally hangs as a diamond unless I
make it a square.