"Star Of The Sea"

"Star of the Sea" has been looked upon since early centuries as a guiding
light for sailors in stormy seas from the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Several coastal
Catholic churches bear this name.  After hurricane Rita destroyed my studio
in 2005, I replaced the damaged stained glass in several churches including
Our Lady Star of the Sea in Cameron, LA.
As I reflected on how such a star could be interpreted in glass, this is what I
came up with...a calming peaceful energy radiating from the center in blues,
greens and pinks.  
The piece is also slumped after the 1st firing to create a scalloped effect
around the outer edges.
Can be installed either as a square or a diamond.  The metal is polished to
radiate outward from the center, then coated with automotive clear coat so it
is durable in outdoor living spaces.

Sizes & Pricing:
24"X 24" $1695
26"X 26" $1895
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