#1664 "Rainforest Enchantment"
12" X 24"
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Previous Versions..."Rainforest Enchantment"
"Rainforest Enchantment"

Our studio is located in the southern Louisiana sub-tropical forest.  
It rains a lot here and there is always some type of flower blooming
as well as lots of green. The frogs are so loud in the summer,
it is hard to have a conversation on out screened porch!  
Since it would be difficult to portray a frog sound in glass,
we'll stick with the flowering plants.

Black iridized glass combined with greens and hot colors
portray an enchanted energy as the light reflects off of the
aluminum back plate.
Below you can see several versions of this piece.  I do not use any
patterns, the art is based on feeling. (and how loud the frogs are)

Sizes: 12" X 24"  
Price: $850

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Louisiana Rainforest in our back yard.